Rain? What rain? Jack Frost a pretty mild guy.

It was supposed to be all wet. T’wasn’t. In fact it was pretty mild until the last racer finished, then the cold front blew in with some rain. Perfect timing!

A quartet of Ironclad riders fell about the greater Vancouver area: Deann, Dave, Willis and Harwood all donned the funny clothes and went as quickly as possible for 12.4 miles. Harwood takes the day’s honors with a 29:30. Every else posted respectable but as of yet unverified times.


warming the fat

Barker, Josh, Q, and Monnig all showed up to throw rotten vegetables at the 4 racers, so there was some added motivation.


all smiles,……for now

Deann takes the virgin award in appearing in her first ever race for Ironclad. Welcome to the fold, hot shot. Watch out for this one.


soon to be whipping ass in a cat 4 women’s race near you

In general cycling news of the local flavor, there’s a blog of importance to mention. Oregon Cycling Action.com We suggest you bookmark this one immediately. All the race info you need to know!

Seemed we escaped the wet this time. We may be going swimming this coming Sunday.

See you mugs in a week. Banana time.

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Not too much that’s Sublime about it.

Ironclad brought a stealth squad to the affair down in Sublimity, with David Monnig taking the team’s top honors with a hard fought 8th place in the 3′s race. Crawfy toed the line too, but jettisoned for family duty after getting a good workout in. Hell of a top ten for our development team by Monnig!

In the 4′s we had Barker throwing down and holding his own, all by his lonesome.

Course looked brutal.

Some pics and more words later. Off to a time trial now.

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Bike Thieves Must Hang

There’s a lot of scum in the world, but chief among them is the bike thief. They should be hung by the thumbs and beaten with a lead pipe.

Patrick Wilder got his Moots ripped off from his secure storage place in the Pearl. The thief has been spotted as lately as today (2/18) around NW 29th and Quimby. He clarifies:

To clarify there are 2 Ti- bikes out there on the loose. 1 29? Mt Bike set up Single Speed and 2. Cyclocross Bike.


Here’s a picture of the heist in action:


asshole at work

There is more at BikePortland HERE.

We’re going to get this guy, I just know it. Fuck bike thieves.

Be on the lookout in the NW, or anywhere for that matter for the Moots in question. Also, keep an eye on the OBRA forums for the latest, as well as Bikeportland.org

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The Kids Are Alright

The Pie, boss, the PIE!

Looks like our ladies did the most soul crushing today, with our boys putting up some good results too. Waiting on official word on the lads, but the ladies put 5 in the top ten. That’s teamwork.

Sounds like pretty good racing all around today!

Pics over on the Flickr page, here’s a taste.


Brody prepares to rock


33, slash red, trips right on 3


Robbie “The” Carver

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In The Sac Of The Prologue

Here we be. There you is. Oddly enough, the weather in Sacramento is exactly like it is in Portland and, as we said yesterday, things look only to worsen. But for now, we celebrate Valentine’s Day in the Sac which, when you think about it, makes some kind of sense.

Today was pretty cool. Dave made nice with Dave. Harwood set an example for young people. Jack and Denny’s had some good breakfast to offer. The skies stayed dry. Could have been worse, don’t you think?


Harwood cruising in downtown Sacramento

For as goofy as this town is, it has some kind of heart. Can’t figure that one out just yet, but it’s been good to us. We’ll be shoving off westward from here, ending up in wine country by nightfall.


It was Valentine’s Day.
Undoubtedly, Sacramento is a place where fashion seeds take root. I mean, you simply cannot understimate the power of The Rodeo. This is pure excellence.


Lightning Rodeo and Peroxide Mullet, on tour in a city near you!

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Ironclad at the Tour of California.

Yup, we’re here.


Dave and Phil Catch Up

Well, the next couple of days down here look to be pretty rough in the weather department. Like, monsoon and tornado in the same day kinda rough. We’ll be on site Sat and Sun before succumbing to the day job once again on Monday.

We’ll see. Hang on.

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Beginnings, Endings

Time for a ride, kiddies. It began in cool overcast and fog, and ended on a sunny deck with beers. As per usual.


all smiles

A run out and over the St. Johns bridge to Germantown, where that bastard of an ascent awaited us. We so many other riders coming down Germantown, once again proving we’re total idiots for going up. Silly. We then rode upon Skyline with every single other Portland rider who could be out on their bikes. Every. Single. One. It was awesome to see! The sun on the ridge line was glorious. You could almost say the weather on the back half of the ride was perfect.


Hey Robbie, where does Satan live?

The Goose welcomed us to her feathery bosom for the city’s best pizza and some swill in the sun. Rad.

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Excellent News For Oregon Cycling!

This says it all! Road AND Cross ‘natz in Oregon! How cool is that?

I bet a lot of us in the OBRA community will be making a few more trips to Bend than originally planned, and for good reason.

Honesty has a beautiful and refreshing simplicity about it. No ulterior motives. No hidden meanings. An absence of hypocrisy, duplicity, political games, and verbal superficiality. As honesty and real integrity characterize our lives, there will be no need to manipulate others.–Chuck Swindoll

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New Job Description: Beer Security

Does your Beer get picked on? Harassed? Maybe the Martinis are heckling your Beer’s fat ass again? Or is it that the Rob Roys and Manhattans have your beer cornered, stealing not only lunch money but dignity as well? And those jocks, the MicroBrews, they pantsing your Beer in the locker room again?

If you want to keep your shitty, cheap, generally weak American beer protected, well then call the latest and greatest in Beer Security : Ironclad Energy Drink In Ass Kicking Cans.

With Ironclad Energy, Your Beer can now walk into the party and kick Jack Daniels right in his balls, if he so cares. Neither Jack, nor his asshole buddy Jim Beam, or that other buttstab, Jose Cuervo, will ever fuck with your Beer again with Ironclad on the security tip. We promise. Your Beer can walk up to that sexy Lemondrop all by his lonesome under the watchful eye of Ironclad Energy and lay down his funky groove without fear of retribution. All it takes is two cans of Ironclad Energy, and your Beer can walk into a huddle of Microbrew sanctimony and swipe the gaggle of those hottie Strawberry Daquiris right from under them. And never again will those closeted Cokes and Pepsis talk shit about how their can is thicker than your Beer’s. Sure buddy, your name is Sierra Mist for Christ’s sake! Right. Aw yeah….it pays to be protected!


Bud Weiser fears no other drink in the club Stovetop this past Saturday. Look at that swagger!

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Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’, Keep Them Doggies Rollin’

We present to you the first images of victory for Ironclad in the year of our whatever, 2009. Ok, it was off the bike, but this team time trial came by way of beer and perserverance.

Dig on this:


Joe, Greg, and Brody bring the glory to your story

It all turned out ok for the lads…Beer threw an awesome event, well done, and thank you for swinging the spade to get it done. Turns out at the end of the day our lads know their balls.


Taxidermy man’s gonna have a heart attack when he sees what I brung him!


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