Training Camp 2013

Looked like this….

all the pigs all lined upmore soon……

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Anna Grace Christiansen WINS IVRR, Punches Ticket to NVGP

For the 2nd year running, Ironclad/Yakima has sent the winning rider to the NVGP qualifier race, this year in the form of Anna Grace Christiansen, who won (in a sprint?!!?!) after dishing out ferocious attacks and being assisted by her teammates all race long. Alana Armstrong, Jenn Levo, and Leia Tyrell did the spadework all race long to help Ace launch probing attacks and stay fresh until the end.

We’re super proud of the squad for going up to Washington and getting the job done. Ace will head to MN to take on the Nature Valley Grand Prix this summer!

See you all at the Rose Garden….bring your climbing shoes….

IVRR 1all smiles after the winning miles

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Oh My, Look At The Time….

Whoa, fall into a drunken stupor for 2 weeks, and look what happens?!?! No one told me there’d be racing and grabass and whatnot…time for me to catch up. We’ve been busy. The sun must have been shining, as we’ve been making hay.

Dirty Circles race series wrapped up, and we did alright for ourselves. We went 1 – 2 in the ladies 4, snared 2nd in the ladies 1/2/3 (Anna Grace), and managed 3rd overall in the men’s 3/4 (Dave Dezellum). All kinds of good. Special kudos to Lara Kessler for her winning the last race of the series, as well as the overall in the 4′s, with help from our ever impressive Cat 4 ladies squad of Lara, Brenna Wyre-Simpson, Vivian Loar, and Alexandria Schultz. We must also welcome our new Cat 4 ladies, Suzy Nelson and Rachel Bagley, both of whom will prove rock stars in their own right.

Lara wins Dirty Circles 3Lara jets out of the gloom to nab 1st place

Then, we went over to the inaugural Gorge Roubaix race and brought home some good results from that one, too. Anna “The Ace” Christiansen took the ladies to battle and came away with a fine 2nd place, and a full tank of gas after the race. Bodes well for the upcoming IVRR NVGP qualifier, eh? Also of note was Brenna Wyre Simpson winning the cat 4 ladies contest, while scoring 10th overall, beating a lot of higher category riders. Watch this one. Newly minted Ironclad rider Rachel Bagley made the podium in 3rd as well, doing her part and still having enough to finish well for herself. All the ladies pulled hard to make these results happen. We had Joe Martin and Kevin Driscoll (both 1st year Ironclad riders) in the guy’s affair along with Mark Koller who snared some points with a hard fought top 15.

Walter just sat in the parking lot on his fat ass and napped.

Brenna at Gorge RoubaixBrenna races by my old house (photo: Castelli Cycling)

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Dirty Circles #1!

Hooray for new races! Hooray for new races in good weather! Dirty Circles #1 went down in Woodland, WA, put on by the fine folks at Zone 5 Promotions. We sent a pile of folks up in good ol’ Walter to contest the matter, while our Ace raced up at the Mason Lake RR, and our Leia was doing her collegiate duty down in Corvallis.

The rest of us tackled the salad toss-y sounding Dirty Circles in chunks. Highlight of the day was our dear Dave “Dizzy” Dezellum taking the win in the MST 3/4 field, helped out by the selfless riding of his teammates. Our new cat 4 ladies, still gelling on the road, did an amazing race and came up with a fine 2nd place finish for Lara Kessler. Levo, Sharon, and Alana went at it in the W1/2/3/. Our own Fuzzy STINKY Dan Penner raced the elite men, with Crawfalini racing the MST elite field.

All in all a great day for the Ironclad/Yakima team!

DC2the boys bring home the W

DC1the ladies doing the damage all race long

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Jacques Le Coldes

Or, something like that. Jack Frost, Heiser Farms, and we’re off and running!

Leia Tyrell made her Ironclad/Yakima debut at Heiser Farms, and outnumbered and fighting off the remnants of a stomach flu, took 2nd by herself in the 1/2/3 field. At Jack Frost the next day, Anna Grace won the W1/2 field, with Lara Kessler making her Ironclad/Yakima debut to take 3rd in the ladies’ Eddy open category. Congrats to all! We only snaked one picture during a Walter stop. Ain’t they all such purdy people?


smiles and snot rockets and salsa bombs

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RECON, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

A large portion of the Ironclad/Yakima team went up to Woodland to recon the Dirty Circles course, a race we’re excited about. Yesterday, another group went out to The Dalles to preview the Gorge Roubaix course, another race we’re excited about. I guess you could sum it up by saying we’re excited about racing. It’s so close!

all in place

Hooray for the warming shelter of teammates

team one

all the good times happen by Walter

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The War of the Federations

Sure, sounds like a Star Trek movie, doesn’t it? But I’m talking in terms of this USAC/OBRA brouhaha that’s brewing slowly day by day. While we as a team stand steadfastly and maybe myopically behind our dear OBRA, it doesn’t take much drilling to see in an unbiased light what our little racing organization has produced over the years, and is producing. For basically one state’s output, the list is pretty amazing. Sure, USAC probably by default can hang their hat on every other pro or success story risen through the ranks as they’re tentacles are far reaching and invasive. But, again, our little state’s list is a veritable who was, who is, and who will be. Just a sampling: Doug Ollerenshaw (HealthNet, Rock Racing, Jelly Belly), Jade Wilcoxson (Optum), our own Brianna Walle (Optum, 1st year pro), Jacob Rathe (Garmin), Evan Elken (Jittery Joe’s), hello? World Champion CX rider Sue Butler? Tina Brubaker trapsing the globe kicking ass? Zach Kovalcik in Europe straightening all those boards out in six-days and more? Dean Tracy? I know I am missing a lot of names, but just this cross section of success reflects directly on what OBRA does right – and that’s develop talent. Make it inviting, make it fun, and people stay in the loop and have the tools to strive for as much success as they’re willing to chase.

As we fortify the castle walls and things are calm now, let us hope the barbarians get lost on their way to Stumptown. I for one don’t want to pay into the giant teet of USAC and receive very little in return, not to mention neuter the amazing progress the association is able to maintain.

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That February Carrot

Good tidings from the Ironclad/Yakima team! Now, take your finger out of your butt and lend us an ear.

Don’t be a fool and fall for that February carrot Ma Nature is dangling out there in front of us. Oh sure, use the carrot, take delight in the carrot, but know that March is coming with a moldy, rotten potato to ride through for us all. A wet, moldy, rotten potato. But we’ll make hay while the sun shines, for sure!

And in such hay making, we found ourselves in spots all over town this weekend, honing our craft. Here’s 3 complete dolts, trying a new Beastie Boys kinda look. Morons.



And then in some not-so-savory news, Ironclad/Yakima Cat 3 Lana Pressey done took a tumble and wrecked herself up. Darnit. The dreaded “tib/fib” fracture has visited our camp and looks to stay a while. Let us all remember that road shoes and their cleats are not the most natural ally of wooden staircases. Heal up Lana!


fall down go boom

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You! Get In The Van! And Take Off Your Pants.

That’s an order.

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Hey, Rainy Ride

Been a while since we’ve seen the wet stuff. Today we did. The Ironclad/Yakima squad set out on a BORING FUCKING CORNFLAKES ride. Well, without cornflakes.

And, like a lot of our rides, we did do a lot of sitting around and doing nothing.

flat flat flat

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