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2014! It’s Here!

Well, well, well….lookee here. Good to see you all again. We apologize profusely for the lack of blogitude, but we’re back with the new year to bring you the news on our little team that could. So much is happening! We’ve begun our team rides, planning our training camp and our racing schedule, and hanging out a bunch drinking Rainier as we prep.

We have some new riders in the black and yellow this year! On the men’s side, we’re bringing on Doug Ollerenshaw and Ira Ryan to help out throwing down, and we’re returning our entire 2013 men’s roster. On the ladies’ side we brought in Erin Goodall, Catherine Cooper, Sydney Running, and Madeline Kovacs, all of whom will bolster an almost fully returning women’s roster.

One good way to lose a rider, is to the professional ranks, and we wish our dear Anna Grace Christiansen the best as she switches across to the NorCal based JL Velo team, and will entertain a full NRC schedule with her new team. She may show up to terrorize a few local races so you’ll still see her around. We’ll all be cheering her on as she steps up to the big leagues to flex her considerable strength on the national stage.

We have a bunch of new sponsor news to announce, but we’ll wait until everything gets finalized before speaking publicly on the matter. Good news, good partners, and a good budget look to be in line to help us race near and wide in the Pacific Northwest.

This is our EIGHTH SEASON here in OBRA, and we’re stoked to continue our traditions of classy racing and good time havin’. Beer is a good thing. Always has been, always will be.

teamthe machine awakens, 2014 is a GO

fire at willmortar fire for everyone


Fazio Farms! You Did It!

Hot damn! Fazio Farms CX is in the books!

What a race! What a storm! WHAT A FUCKING COURSE!!!!

Thank you everyone for coming to the event, we worked hard to make it great!

We’ve a bunch of photos for you here. Check ‘em out!

And we might do a 2nd race in November……stay tuned!



Barbarians At The Gate. To Arms!

When I think of the word strength, there are a few words that come to mind immediately. One of them is the word “Kira”.

Kira Crawford, to be exact. Portrait of grace, portrait of strength. Exemplifying “epic” with every breath she takes on this earth.

Some of you may recall her OBRA racing days, her heart; and her epic fight – and win – over breast cancer just a few short years ago. Cancer brought a good game, threw its punches and inflicted its damage, but when the fight was over, Kira was a unanimous victor with a TKO.

Cancer was knocked down, but not entirely out. It went and got its buddies, and it’s back. The fight is on, and the fight is going to be ten times the battle it was before. While we may question cancer’s judgment (it should know better than to come back to a foe as formidable as Kira) the bottom line is, it’s back.

This time around, it’s going to be a bit tougher. We ask that you may consider finding it in your heart to throw any amount of money that you can towards the fight. The Crawfords are going to have a pile of enemy to fight, and we intend to bring them a pile of help.


We’re going to need every available resource this time around. Every little bit will help, so please consider bearing arms with us against this miserable sonofabitch known as cancer.


Kirayou think you can step to this, cancer?


Fazio Farms CX 2013 – Sept 22, 2013

It’s happening!

Fazio Farms CX race prep is underway! The first design team, armed with a bottle of Sokol Blosser and some wasabi almonds, descended on the venerable Fazio Farms landscape to sketch out our race for this coming Sept 22nd! And let us tell you, you won’t want to miss this. This course is perhaps the best of the season!

Stay tuned to this blog for updates as each week passes, we’ll have continual news coming. For now, here are the bullet points you need to know:

  1. Equal Payout for Men and Women “A” Races
  2. Free beer, courtesy of Tecate!
  3. Tons and tons of prizes…already on board are Rapha and Chris King
  4. The vaunted Dinosaur Back feature returns, and we’ll have a new feature to break your legs…name forthcoming…
  5. DJ on a hill
  6. Taco Pedaler will be there with Tacos!

And more is coming…..

Remember this race is super close….just southwest of the airport. And remember parking is super limited, so ride your bike if you can.

There is free beer in the beer garden (21+ only) and giant rock piles are everywhere. There will be no Kiddie Cross at this race for these reasons. Leave the seed at home. If you do choose to bring your kids, keep them OFF the rock piles. I know they look fun, but stay off. No one gets hurt! There will be a juniors race, and all the usual categories.

ace on the hill



A Clean Sweep!

Continuing the hay making and epic-season-having, Ironclad/Yakima threw down at the OBRA crit (Franz Bakery) and swept all 3 category jerseys for the women’s fields, with Rachel Bagley taking her first win in the Cat 4′s, Alana Armstrong taking 4th overall but 1st Cat 3 across the line, and Anna Grace Christiansen taking her 4th Franz Bakery crit in as many years, and taking the 1/2 jersey home on her shoulders. Our closets are getting pretty full. Assists by Vivian Loar, Lana Pressey, and Jenn Levo!

(The next day, Anna went to the OBRA TT and won that, and its jersey, too. Whew. )

Erik Bakker was aided by Ryan Smith, Rob Thompson, Joel Crouch, and Craig Armstrong and did enough to get himself a fine 3rd place to stand on the podium in bread land. Amazing stuff by the squad against some stacked competition. Is it me or did the 3′s go and get themselves in a big hurry this year?

A few images of the day at our Flickr Site, please go check them out.


The Shadows Grow Long…

Hard to believe the road season is almost over, we can see the final races on our calendars, and yes, even in the heat of July, Gludrodroits and their ilk are already breathing the word “cyclocross” with mouths wide open. Le sigh.

But we’ve been making a lot of hay while the sun is shining over here at the Ironclad/Yakima team side, and things couldn’t be going more swimmingly. Our cat 3 men’s team is placing well and our women’s team, well, everyone knows how our women’s team is doing.

Go check out our Flickr page for all the latest imagery….there’s a lot to look at there from recent races.

Yesterday, after PIR, we drank too much beer. The end.

Here Comes The Fun Wagon!

Apologies from us on our lack of blogification, we have so much to say!

Our successes have been widespread and prevalent, and we’re pleased to announce so much goodness.

Anna Grace Christiansen wins the NVGP Best Amateur Jersey – 2nd year in a row this team sends the winner.

Leia Tyrell wins the OBRA RR champion’s jersey for W1/2/3, also the Mary’s Peak Hillclimb

Our senior women’s squad won the OBRA TTT, our cat 3 women’s team and our master’s mens team both took 3rd in the same event.

Alex Schultz wins the Hammer Criterium down on Swan Island in the Cat 4 ranks

Brenna Wyre-Simpson gets 3rd in the OBRA Cat 3 Champ race, also wins her first PIR in the Senior Women class

Rachel Bagley scores 2nd in the OBRA Cat 4 Champ race – her first podium for the team in a road race.

Joel Crouch won the 3/4 PIR with Rob Thompson in the top 10 as well, chasing the cash in the Oliphant June Race Series.

Vivian Loar, Leia Tyrell, and Brenna Wyre-Simpson all won their respective fields at the Crank! Time Trial and PIR

I think I’m missing some stuff here, I’m not a very bright person, nor is my memory any good.

Also, we have tons of tons of photos at our Flickr page right here. In the meantime, we’ll just leave you with this picture of Alex going fast!

Alex Going Quick!

Eugene Roubaix!

A whole pile of us jumbled into Walter and made our way down to Eugene to contest the Eugene Roubaix road race. This is a fantastic road race held on an amazing course with fantastic organization.

The Ironclad/Yakima team had a great day! Lots of good finishes by Mens 3′s, Women’s 4′s, Men’s Masters 1/2/3, and Women 1/2/3, lead by Anna Grace Christiansen and Leia Tyrell taking their leave of the W 1/2/3 field and holding a Dirk Demol-esque break to the line. Well done to them and the entire team. Tops tens all around!

killersAce, Alana, and Leia, all smiles

Our favorite image of the day was captured by Matthew Lasala, and you can SEE IT RIGHT HERE.

More photos coming to our Flickr page by Monday.

In other news, we had our new fledgling Brenna Wyre Simpson kick some booty at the Rose Garden Series race, taking the overall series win, and 1st place in 3 of the 4 races. Nice work kiddo! Also, Dave “AT” Davis clawed and scratched his way to 3rd overall in the Senior Men’s field, no small feat given the stacked fields! Another great Rose Garden series in the books!





Leia Tyrell Wins the Tour of Walla Walla!

There’s been more going on than we can keep up with around here, but the highlight news is Ironclad/Yakima’s Leia Tyrell won the overall GC at the Tour of Walla Walla.

Nailing the opening TT put her in the leader’s jersey, and she never gave it up over the 3 stages. Anna Grace Christiansen was the steward, doing the hard yards to keep Leia nice and safe in the jersey against some hard charging local competition.

Leia on the line with AceLeia and Ace at the line

In other news, we sent 6 ladies (including our Anonabird!) and a Joe Martin down to San Francisco in Walter to do the Rapha Prestige ride. Suzy Nelson finished her collegiate obligation and donned her first black and yellow at PIR. Some of us did the dastardly Ronde PDX ride. Others have been cruising around on the gravel, or doing the Open Invitational Classic “sorta kinda alley cat” race, and Cristina is off to Iowa to do the Trans-Iowa race. Good god, that’s a lot of shit!

These Things, And Those Things, And Things of That Nature….

All kinds of goodness coming down the pike these days for the Ironclad/Yakima team!

The ladies took a little vacation down to San Francisco to take on the Rapha Prestige Ride, overcoming a broken bike to complete the ride and bring home the hardest fought and won Lanterne Rouge EVER. Well done! They also took Joe Martin, just for good measure.

Leia Tyrell went to King’s Valley and brought home a smashing win! She also won the first Crank! TT at PIR in the senior women. She’s baaaaack! Nice work, Leia!

Brenna Wrye Simpson continued her ascension with a somewhat easy win at the Rose Garden, after slipping the pack on lap one, never to be seen again. She also was 1oth over the line at Gorge Roubaix, and thusly the 1st placed cat 4. Hell of a start to her first ever season racing bikes.

Alex Schultz scored 3rd on Monday’s PIR in the 4/5 ladies, fighting solo. Larry Hiday took on the old dudes in the 1/2/3 and safely finished in the pack.

Our first Tuesday PIR came and went, with a whole bunch of dudes (and Ace) in the 1/2/3 race, getting Crawford a nice finish near the top in the bunch gallop to the line. We brought some of the rookie chicks out into the 3/4 and tried to mitigate an early race break with a nice, organized team chase. Alas, we couldn’t bring them back. But what the legs couldn’t do, the rules took care of, DQ’ing the two guys off the front for committing the capital offense of failing to neutralize and hitching a ride in the 1/2/3, extending their lead. Ah, the density of the 3/4 field, sometimes worth a bunch of laughs. But hey, everyone has all their skin intact, so everybody won!

More soon, see you Thursday at the Rose Garden Race!