Roster 2013

We’re shiny and pretty

The 2013 roster for the Ironclad/Yakima Cycling Team. Click on your favorite Ironclad/Yakima rider’s name to find out more about them!

Men’s Team

Dave Aldersebaes – Captain

Mark Crawford – 1st Officer

Ryan Smith

Robbie Carver

Brody Boeger

Dave Dezellum

Joe Leineweber

Greg Sanders

Mark Koller

Joel Crouch

Daniel Penner

Ben Weaver

Rob Thompson

Erik Bakker

Dave Davis

James Ramey

Kevin Driscoll

Larry Hiday


Craig Armstrong


Women’s Team

Kira Crawford

Anna Clark

Kristin McCarthy

Lana Pressey

Marylynn King

Vanessa Cass

Alana Armstrong

Anna Grace Christiansen – Captain

Jenn Levo

Sharon Sandoval

Alexandria Schultz

Cristina Mihaescu

Vivian Loar

Lara Kessler

Leia Tyrell

Brenna Wyre-Simpson

Team Support:

Walter Payton

Brooce the Dog

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