Here Comes The Fun Wagon!

Apologies from us on our lack of blogification, we have so much to say!

Our successes have been widespread and prevalent, and we’re pleased to announce so much goodness.

Anna Grace Christiansen wins the NVGP Best Amateur Jersey – 2nd year in a row this team sends the winner.

Leia Tyrell wins the OBRA RR champion’s jersey for W1/2/3, also the Mary’s Peak Hillclimb

Our senior women’s squad won the OBRA TTT, our cat 3 women’s team and our master’s mens team both took 3rd in the same event.

Alex Schultz wins the Hammer Criterium down on Swan Island in the Cat 4 ranks

Brenna Wyre-Simpson gets 3rd in the OBRA Cat 3 Champ race, also wins her first PIR in the Senior Women class

Rachel Bagley scores 2nd in the OBRA Cat 4 Champ race – her first podium for the team in a road race.

Joel Crouch won the 3/4 PIR with Rob Thompson in the top 10 as well, chasing the cash in the Oliphant June Race Series.

Vivian Loar, Leia Tyrell, and Brenna Wyre-Simpson all won their respective fields at the Crank! Time Trial and PIR

I think I’m missing some stuff here, I’m not a very bright person, nor is my memory any good.

Also, we have tons of tons of photos at our Flickr page right here. In the meantime, we’ll just leave you with this picture of Alex going fast!

Alex Going Quick!

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