Dirty Circles #1!

Hooray for new races! Hooray for new races in good weather! Dirty Circles #1 went down in Woodland, WA, put on by the fine folks at Zone 5 Promotions. We sent a pile of folks up in good ol’ Walter to contest the matter, while our Ace raced up at the Mason Lake RR, and our Leia was doing her collegiate duty down in Corvallis.

The rest of us tackled the salad toss-y sounding Dirty Circles in chunks. Highlight of the day was our dear Dave “Dizzy” Dezellum taking the win in the MST 3/4 field, helped out by the selfless riding of his teammates. Our new cat 4 ladies, still gelling on the road, did an amazing race and came up with a fine 2nd place finish for Lara Kessler. Levo, Sharon, and Alana went at it in the W1/2/3/. Our own Fuzzy STINKY Dan Penner raced the elite men, with Crawfalini racing the MST elite field.

All in all a great day for the Ironclad/Yakima team!

DC2the boys bring home the W

DC1the ladies doing the damage all race long

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