The War of the Federations

Sure, sounds like a Star Trek movie, doesn’t it? But I’m talking in terms of this USAC/OBRA brouhaha that’s brewing slowly day by day. While we as a team stand steadfastly and maybe myopically behind our dear OBRA, it doesn’t take much drilling to see in an unbiased light what our little racing organization has produced over the years, and is producing. For basically one state’s output, the list is pretty amazing. Sure, USAC probably by default can hang their hat on every other pro or success story risen through the ranks as they’re tentacles are far reaching and invasive. But, again, our little state’s list is a veritable who was, who is, and who will be. Just a sampling: Doug Ollerenshaw (HealthNet, Rock Racing, Jelly Belly), Jade Wilcoxson (Optum), our own Brianna Walle (Optum, 1st year pro), Jacob Rathe (Garmin), Evan Elken (Jittery Joe’s), hello? World Champion CX rider Sue Butler? Tina Brubaker trapsing the globe kicking ass? Zach Kovalcik in Europe straightening all those boards out in six-days and more? Dean Tracy? I know I am missing a lot of names, but just this cross section of success reflects directly on what OBRA does right – and that’s develop talent. Make it inviting, make it fun, and people stay in the loop and have the tools to strive for as much success as they’re willing to chase.

As we fortify the castle walls and things are calm now, let us hope the barbarians get lost on their way to Stumptown. I for one don’t want to pay into the giant teet of USAC and receive very little in return, not to mention neuter the amazing progress the association is able to maintain.

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