That February Carrot

Good tidings from the Ironclad/Yakima team! Now, take your finger out of your butt and lend us an ear.

Don’t be a fool and fall for that February carrot Ma Nature is dangling out there in front of us. Oh sure, use the carrot, take delight in the carrot, but know that March is coming with a moldy, rotten potato to ride through for us all. A wet, moldy, rotten potato. But we’ll make hay while the sun shines, for sure!

And in such hay making, we found ourselves in spots all over town this weekend, honing our craft. Here’s 3 complete dolts, trying a new Beastie Boys kinda look. Morons.



And then in some not-so-savory news, Ironclad/Yakima Cat 3 Lana Pressey done took a tumble and wrecked herself up. Darnit. The dreaded “tib/fib” fracture has visited our camp and looks to stay a while. Let us all remember that road shoes and their cleats are not the most natural ally of wooden staircases. Heal up Lana!


fall down go boom

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