Here’s To You!

Holy Crap! The Cherry Pie Road Race is just about a month away! Gadzooks! And with it, yet another OBRA race year will be underway. Success, failure, rivalries, friendships, we will all engage in some form of any of these factors regardless of team, category, or discipline.

What stories we’ll have when it’s all over, and I mean all of us. You, him, her, us, them. New teams, rider transfers, new kits; our little OBRA community, even though with numbers not pinned right now, are full of activity.

It’s a great time of year, isn’t it? Cold training rides, meeting new teammates, reacquainting with old ones, all together celebrating the new year. So, here’s to you, OBRA, and may we all have a safe, fun, competitive, and respectful race year!


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