Crossing Everything, And Some New Roster Additions

Fingers, toes, eyes, the works. The Ironclad team has been hard at work racing our bikes in cyclocross and recruiting new riders. Life’s pace just hasn’t slowed down, but we’re managing to plow ahead with the muddy goodness of cyclocross, as well as bolster our ranks on the women’s side before turning to interview some new dudes.

Our cross results have been all over the place, with the usual two tone good luck/bad luck results that the fickle discipline will throw at you. Lots of us have been out there rocking our new goat skinsuits, and reaping some rewards. Notably, the upgrades of Rob Thompson to Mst B, and Stephanie Croy getting bumped up to the A’s. Levo, Christiansen, Walle, Davis, Spahr, Barker, Leineweber, Smith and Dezellum all rocking out. More to come, surely.

Our Fazio Farms race in late September was a big hit, we thank the 300 of you that came and raced your asses off on that tough, dusty course.

Now, onto 2012, we’re very pleased to announce the addition of three fine lady racers to our ranks. In 2013, we bring on board the formidable trio of Lara Kessler, Vivian Loar, and Leia Tyrell to the Ironclad ranks. We’re filling some gaps since our Brianna Walle will be joining the professional ranks (announcement forthcoming) and our dear Anona bird went to New Mexico to attend grad school. Hooray for new blood! Hooray for our exited riders success!

We’ll be now shoring up the men’s side of things, and an announcement on that will be in time, as well.

And, we have some exciting sponsor news to break really soon! Stay tuned!



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