Fazio Farms CX Course Building Extravaganza! WE HAVE TANKS!


Or, compactors. But they sound like tanks. They rumble like them and shake the earth, so we feel mighty. Or under attack. And we let Travis drive one while he made his dastardly curvy course dreams a reality. The design team of Ace, Trevor, and Davis have cooked up a real treat for you, folks. The rest of Ironclad today provided the muscle to clear debris and unwanted growths from the course.

A whole crew of us went today to slay the Dinosaur Back, pay homage to Shadow, the dead horse, stare at some beaver, and discover where to put the course feature of the “Heavy Petting Zoo”.  We also weeded, flattened, staked out, practice rode, and recorded the whole shebang.

And boy, does she bang.

We were so destroyed by mid day with the Draconian labor we had performed, we had to send Sharon for a burrito run, replete with cold beer. Thanks Sharon!

We’re hoping you like the hill.

We have some chunky gravel. We have an amazing climb/run up. We have a rip roaring descent into a berm. We have skill oriented flat sections to test your handling skills. Without rain before Saturday, we’ll have some dusty parts, some deep, some light. We have meadow single track. If you’re a single speed sort, we figured a 42-19 would be sufficient. It’s got some snappy hills including one fairly steep but short one, but it also has some long sustained flat bits over varied terrain (gravel, dusty compacted field, grass) so it’ll depend on the rider. A mountain bike is fine for this course as well.

In short, we have FUN. LOTS OF FUN. It’s a tough course but has a lot of flat too, so it’s a perfect tune up for the meat of the impending cyclocross season.

Cheever stopped by and lent a hand, then conquered the climb, riding to the top as only a few could do.

And, we have our host Fazio Farms, with their delicious home made pickles! Some for prizes, too!

Oh yeah, we’ll have kegs of beer, with a donation of your choosing serving as the cost.

The Facebook event page is right here. Please let us know you’re coming!

So head on over to OBRA and pre-register for this great race. So close to town, it’s like riding to PIR! (again, please, parking is TOUGH. Ride your bike to the race if you can, or CARPOOL!)

You will ascend.

The one significant climb of the course. Direction: up

So, we going to put the finishing touches on this puppy during the week. You know, the usual incantations and live sacrifices. We hope you ride over and race with us Saturday, September 29th.

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