And Enter Into The Age Of The Goat

So, we’re off and running in the cyclocross season, for reals. Yo.

No better place to unleash our new 2012 Goat skinsuits than at the formidable beach side course known as Het Meer. Fine job by promoters and OBRA officials alike as 100′s of ding dongs in questionable clothing took to the sandy affair in search of glory or humiliation, or both.

We had a fine assortment of Ironclad riders out there. Levo, Thompson, Ace, Trayvon, Apple Tits, and Smith all took to the fray.

How do you like our new skinsuits? Well, we like them. Just look at the overflowing joy on the faces of Trevor and Rob as they pin each other and prepare to engage in a galactic proportioned game of grabass.


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