Blowing Out The Pipes

With the racing so thick and fast and all of us having full time jobs, it’s tough to keep up. Our apologies. We’ll take everything on the desk and compile it into a neat stack before torching it with Everclear and waterproof matches.

Our Brianna Walle went to tackle the Cascade Cycling Classic, and came away with some amazing results around the top 20 and top 15 against a super stacked field. You know, Olympians, national champs, that sort of thing. Amazing. Also in the news is that Brianna’s superior riding has earned her a one race contract with FCS/Rouse for the upcoming Aspen held event the Blue Ribbon Alpine Challenge. Pretty amazing journey we’re watching here. Sacrifice, training, danger, ….. all in pursuit of the dream of making it to the Pro ranks. This is women’s cycling at its finest.

In our local scene, we Ironclad sorts are stacking up results as fast as we can, in the crits and circuit races and short track events held around Portland. Jenn Levo came 2nd at Gresham, 1st in Tigard, and 1st in yet another Monday PIR. Trevor Spahr won the Gresham senior men’s race as well, making it a sweep. Sharon Anderson won Monday’s Short Track race in her division. Lots of other Ironclad sorts raced and turned up the heat in a few races with plenty of top 5s and 10s mixed in. Also, Dan Penner got a new bike. Whoo-hoo!

There’ll be more coming as we jump with both feet into the high crit season!

Trevorcakes doles out the winnings

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