Bakery Blast!

Another Bakery crit? Ok!

We went on down to ye oulde St. Honore criterium to take on the turny, rad course in NW Portland. All hail those who tried.

T. Spahr went batshit in the 1/2 race and spent half of it alone, not letting anyone play his reindeer games. Well, until they caught him, that is. Rob T, Bakker, Dizzy, Crawfalini, and me went into the meat grinder of the Mst 1/2/3 race, where the boys did good, and I looked incredibly fat. After being dropped I just should have pulled into the Lucky Lab.

In the ladies affair our Alana Armstrong hit the podium with a fine second place, well done kid! She was assisted by Alex and SHARON in the melee.

In the 3′s, Shaun and Joel took some swings near the front, only to be foiled by McSnaps. Sigh. But, good swinging early on!

Crutchy McSofthead can cheer like the dickens!

In the ladies 1/2/3 we sent Ace up the road after some tenderizing from Anona, Steph, Levo, and Lana, and she lapped the field with 3 other riders, then went back off the front with 2 of the 3. The big pro gun rolled away and without any adequate help Ace was resigned to chasing, being pipped at the line and rounding out the podium in 3rd place. Nice work Ace! Cascade now looms for our ladies team, along with some hired guns. This oughta be a good’un.

Then we went out and met the Mayor. He asked if we’d take his job for him and we said “No way Jose.”


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