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Hi there! Ok, after a whirlwind week or so, time to get back to brass tacks. Or Brass Rail, if you’re in Toronto, that is.

Back to the slugfest PIR, and tonight, the first MURDERHORN of 2012 is upon us!

Monday only our Dutchman Erik Bakker took to the fray, while Tuesday we lined up to defend Joel Crouch’s overall month lead in the 3/4. We neutralized any threats to the points, and spent time attacking for kicks. Apparently some folks just can’t grasp the concept. It’s ok, Shitty McSnaps, it’ll come around, some folks can’t help being stupid. We like to make a plan, and usually stick to it. It doesn’t make any sense to go rushing headlong into anything, as we all know. In the end, we managed to defend the monthly series points lead, and finish 2-3-4 on the night with a large support crew out for Joel. We had McCoy (in his new pink-ish helmet), Crawford, and Penner in the 1/2/3 as well, with Crawfy slotting in the top ten or so. Also, a big Get Well to Nick Blacklock, who got tangled up on the straightaway and took a tumble. Nothing worse than good guys hitting the deck. Heal up, Nick.

This weekend, the Hammer Velo crit and Single Speed Championship of the Universe is taking place at Swan Island. You’ll want to be there, because this race is a lot of fun. Actually, it’s more than a lot of fun!

See you on the volcano!



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