So Much Little Things!

So much little things! Or, in the vernacular “Zo mooch leedle zings, eh?”.

So, the Rose Garden Circuit Race has been born, and we sent Anona “l’il bit” Whitley into the fray in her new Castelli gear. She looked good and she rode well too, snaring 4th on a slippery and twisty course. Several crashes on the descent were seen by our crack spectating crew, and we were happy to see everyone get up and walk away. Cool race though, and will be waaaaaaay better when it’s dry.

Tomorrow we’re off to Piece of Cake, and Sunday the Western Bike Works TT at PIR. Somewhere in between that we plan on finding some time to watch Paris Roubaix. Good luck to any and all bike racers this weekend. We’ve managed to win Piece of Cake a few times in the past, we hope to maybe snag one of our squads a win to keep the streak alive, but surely the competition will be thick! Speaking of thick, our trusty transport Walter got hisself a nice bath today to show off at the race tomorrow. We apologize in advance if he flashes you his man tits. He’s a bit impulsive like that.

And hey! The weather actually looks to be in our favor! Puts smiles on faces, don’t it? Even if you have to endure spiteful idiotic rantings from sad, unstable people from time to time. The sun shines, just smile, feel slightly sorry for the person, and strike the pose….



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