All’ Well That Cakes Well

Wait, that doesn’t make any sense. Neither do gun-toting yokels drawing down on OBRA officials, but that’s another story entirely.

Hats off to the Presto Velo/Bicycle Attorney squad for hosting another fine edition of the Piece of Cake road race, down in lovely, scenic, and heavily armed Amity, Oregon. The nasty spring chill finally split and we were bathed in sunshine and gravel for our races.

We had Crawfy in the masters flatting and calling it a day. Joel, Bakker and Dave in the 3′s, with Joel finishing a squad-best 12th. Alana, Sharon, and Alex took on the lady 4′s, and Alana slotted herself nicely in 3rd place in a good sized field. Willis the Immaculate Dick Party went solo in the 1/2 and held on for a solid 10th place. “AT” Davis and the Colonel took to the fray in the 4′s, and after detonating the field the first time up the climb, played their cards for the finale, where Sanders ended up 9th, Davis 11th. In the lady 1/2/3 race we had Steph, Brianna, Levo, Clark-i-tack, Mihaescu, and Whitley, all throwing punches. The race fragmented after our communist friend took a digger in the gravel, isolating Brianna in the lead group. But, Brianna took care of business in the gallop for the line, showing a clean pair of wheels for her 4th victory in the 1/2′s of the season. Nice work to everyone, and extra special gratitude to the promoters.

Like idiots, we forgot our cameras, but there are a few phone photos soon to be uploaded to our Flickr site. Of course, Pat Malach has the goods for you here, as well.

photo by Andy Meeks

On Sunday, just me and Travis/Trayvon/Bickle/Trevorcakes/Spahrticakes went over to ye oulde PIR, where we punched ourselves in the balls going around in circles at the Western Bike Works Time Trial. As usual, Trevor did well (winning his second Merckx race in as many tries) and I was magnificently mediocre finishing 11th. Catherine Cooper has some excellent photos from the day right here for you to look at.

That’ll about do it for this weekend’s round up, see you Thursday at the Rose Test Garden, and Saturday in the Valley of Kings.

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