Around The Spindle Winds

Another weekend, another long team jaunt, complete with climbing, fictional band names, and delicious, delicious beef sticks. The team continues to tune the engine, this time setting a course for the Vista House, with equal parts flat, climbing, wind, and laughs. Soon comes the Pie and the Frost. Ready for them, we hope to be.

The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battle…….

from Burittoville, with love

A winding road was conquered, complete with one Gatorskin finally saying Sayanora, Riding Potatoes, and some things that you can’t unsee. And finally the turnaround point came, with smiles for all.

minus Drewsy, Travis, and FUZZYSTINKY

After we woke Crawfy up, the descent back through Corbett was much fun at mach 9, before the lazy roll home on Marine Drive. Somehow January has been pretty ok for riding weather, especially on the weekends, wouldn’t you say?

Hope everyone got out to ride today. Time to bathe the soreness in red wine and mounds of spaghetti.

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