Beards Get You Laid

Well, I guess technically it’s mustaches that get you laid, but we’re throwing beards in as part and parcel of that, especially up here in the Pacific Northwest. Yup. Beards are crucial as most of us now turn our attention to base miles for the 2011 road season. Those long, slow, days in the coldy misty rainy shitty weather are made so much more bearable by a proper face shield, what we know as “The Beard”. Besides, looking like Belov is a lot of fun from time to time,  helps scare the kiddies.

Here, we have Howard the Goat displaying the “come hither” prowess of The Beard. Do not deny it.

Howard scores!

In other bike related news, the Cross Crusade is once again dead for another year, rounding out the series with Barton Park, the gravelly, collarbone eating monster. We had Marylynn King rounding out a great series with a 4th place finish that should put her in 5th overall (we think) for the series. Also playing bike yesterday in our limited crew were Trevor Bickle in the A’s, along with Anona in the Women’s A’s as well. Both posted nice results for themselves. The rest of us sat around and ate and drank, watching football. Time for no bikes for a bit….

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