And So It Begins…..

2009 is upon us, and we wish you and yours a very Happy New Year! The tinsel is down, tree long since chucked, nog all gone. Goodbye, ye devilish holidays. Hello 2009 and the assault on the impending road season. It’s time to get work, and by that I mean take to the road in gangs.

We had a choice. Ride our bikes, or stay inside and watch this again, just because it’s the funniest thing we’ve seen in a long, long time. It was so funny that a few of us couldn’t make the ride – too busy laughing. It happens.

The first joining of Ironclad in 2009 took place on a nice 3 hour jaunt around North Portland and SW Washington regions this gray Sunday. Gravel. Headwinds on Marine Drive. Couple of flats. Tree bits. Road debris. Wasn’t pretty, but 17 hearty souls struck out, including  some Team Beer guests and had a fun ride. Chilly, but thankfully it stayed dry and the team brought some of the new faces out for a spin. See pictures here.


Vera and The Bringer have a laugh

Flat for all! Guests on board along with the 11 Ironclad team riders were Cheever, Mark, Carolyn, and Kevin, Clint, and Sharon of Team Beer. Good times had by all.


Some huddled together, in bands

And so it has begun. We ride. Prepare. Sharpen the arrows. Stare into the fire.

In the words of a friend, Sweep The Leg, 09.

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