Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain

Wow, what the hell was that? We went into a website coma there for a few weeks, we apologize. Seems a nasty ‘bot got all Cylon on our stupid asses, and the site went kaput. Bye bye. Durrrrr, pretty birds. In other words, someone sent us a box that was ticking. Tick-tick-ticking. Kaboom.

Though we have been down, we are not out. We will be doing our best Steve Austin job on this sucker. Time to hunker down and do some serious tinkering. For now, all the old archives are not available, as they’ve been amputated and moved to the ICU of the Interwebs. We’ll have them linked and ready for your viewing pleasure once the wounds heal and the scars become less visible.

We did take the opportunity to maximize our downtime by having our year end party, attending the Cross Crusade Party, going to the USGP, doing some riding in the snow, having a fit kit party for our new 2009 uniforms, and all kinds of other shit. For visual evidence of these shenanigans and more, go here.

And while we’re rolling up our sleeves and scratching our heads figuring out how to put all this shit back together, you can watch this highlight reel of our 2008 year. It’s poorly done, and has a shitty song on it, but there’s some ha-ha bits.

We’ll be back in full force soon. Promise.

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  1. Sasha December 20, 2008 at 3:28 PM # Reply

    Welcome Back!

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